About Us

Smokin’ Aces Tattoo Company offers high quality tattoos and piercings in Bloomington Normal.

Founded in 2011 by owner Scott Lynch, Smokin’ Aces tattoo company prioritizes your comfort and overall experience. With its spacious interior and professional staff you are sure to feel great about your tattoo or piercing.

Smokin’ Aces Tattoo Company has a large selection of tattoo flash to choose from, or come by with your idea and one of our talented artists can turn that idea into a one-of-a-kind custom masterpiece. Our artists are all just as versatile as they are talented, so no matter what you have in mind you will be impressed with your new tattoo.

Our talented piercers offer a selection of high quality jewelry, including organic stones, wood, gold, precious gemstones, and custom pieces. We offer all piercings including surface anchors and a variety of options in starter jewelry for your new piercing.

Stop on by or contact us to schedule an appointment today!